We draw on the tradition, we set for the future

We draw on the tradition, we set for the future

Published 26 April 2010

The scientific conference dedicated to the most important company’s achievements was held as a part of the main 50th anniversary jubilee celebration of Mine Construction Company PeBeKa S.A. Among presented subjects there were mine construction technology in Copper Basin area and metropolitan building.

This year Mine Construction Company PeBeKa S.A. celebrates a round anniversary. Since a half century the company from Lubin has already been constructing the one of the biggest industrial centre in Europe, Legnicki and Głogowski Copper District. On this occasion jubilee scientific conference was organized in Lubin, held under the patronage of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. and AGH University and Science Technology from Krakow.

- For many years the employees of PeBeKa has been gaining experiences and finding new solutions in mines construction, and also in tunneling building. Actually, Copper Basin is our baby.  Warsaw underground was built by our specialists’ hands – says Jacek Kulicki, the president of PeBeKa. Today we recall the first bucket of winning with emotion output from the first shaft L-III in “Lubin” mine in LGOM or the first export works in German mines. These and other events that we were talking about during our jubilee conference make our history, they fill us with pride and they are an impulse to continue the pioneers’ achievements of Copper Basin. We draw on the tradition, we set for the future – our power underlies under it.

While opening the celebrity the president Kulicki referred to the tragedy which happened a short time ago. He also reminded the employees who were killed during the work, especially at the first years of constructing the Copper Basin. The participants commemorated the deceased with a minute’s silence.

Representatives of local authorities and the board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. appeared on the conference, too. Wishes and the words of recognition were given among others by Robert Raczyński – the president of Lubin, Małgorzata Drygas – Majka – district head of Lubin town, the vicepresident of KGHM Polska MIedź S.A. Ryszard Janeczek, Dr Piotr Czaja, senior lecturer, dean of faculty of Mining and Geoengineering in AGH University of Science and Technology and Andrzej Ciepielewski, the director of District Mining Office in Wroclaw. Jan Ulrich, the first site engineer of L-III shaft of  “Lubin” mine was taken the floor  in the name of the eldest employees who recollected the first days of PeBeKa’s functioning in Lubin and difficult beginnings of  the huge mining undertakings.

Wishes and congratulations on PeBeKa’s board were received also from Mine directors, the presidents of the Capital Group companies and the representatives of institutions supporting the Company for its activities.

Awarding the meritorious employees of the company from Lubin was a solemn moment. Many of them spent their whole life in mining service, working a few hundred meters under ground. The distinguished employees got occasional medals and program honors.

During the second part of the conference reports concerning the achievements and technologies used in PeBeKa were presented. The paper with the subject of “Review of shaft building technologies in LGOM area” – was discussed by Jacek Kulicki, the president of PeBeKa, who has been working in company for 20 years.  Jan Basałyga, the main engineer for production and development in his paper “PeBeKa in the world” presented the company’s successes around the world. Janusz Kuśnierz, the main mining engineer talked about “Evolution of constructing the underground excavations by Mine Construction Company PeBeKa S.A. in Legnicki and Głogowski Copper District”. Ryszard Lindmajer the assembly works foreman talked about “Liquidation of P-III and P-IV shafts in Polkowice Wschodnie area”. Wojciech Chojnacki, a chief foreman of KRG shaft in place of Robert Kozłowski, presented “Technologies of tunneling and constructing underground station. Completion of the first line of Warsaw underground”, whereas Piotr Fedoszczak, construction works engineer talked about “Metropolitan Building”. 

The jubilee publication of long-awaited 50 years' anniversary chronicle was also premiered on 23rd April. The most important moments of company’s history and also the whole Copper Basin were presented on over 200 pages, richly illustrated.  The chronicle also contains a description of project implementations, used technologies and unique memories of LGOM builders. 

Celebrations organizer didn’t forget about the local community, which for many years were permanently connected with the company, giving many specialists to Copper Basin. Jubilee exhibition illustrating the 50 years‘ activity of PeBeKa appeared on the street.  The company’s history is also in great measure town’s history. Many local investments were made, such as: Ore Mining Technical School (nowadays Complex of Schools No.1 in the name of professor Bogusław Krupiński in Lubin) or a skating rink with a speeding skating track, the airport of Copper Basin Aeroclub was also modernized. Today the company are constructing football stadium of Copper Basin, where international matches are going to be played in the future.

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