The stadium up to the 21st century’s standards

The stadium up to the 21st century’s standards

Published 09 August 2010

The construction of Dialog Arena Stadium has been officially finished. The sport facility complies with all requirements of UEFA and FIFA. In such an activity it is the biggest investment of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. made out of basic business.

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. is known as the second producer of silver, the ninth of copper in the world and one of the most socially-responsible companies. A year ago the company was given a new Respect Index on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and took the second place in the ranking of Polish Philanthropy Leader.

Sport Sponsorship area is the essential field of mission realization in socially-responsible business. The company treats sport as a very important field of social life, that’s why it supports the highest class professional sport as well as amateur sport. As the biggest employer in the region the company appreciates importance of sport for shaping the culture of adult leisure and its educational role towards the youth. The youth in different age talented in football are trained by the club. The company also cooperates with schools by equipping them, giving classes, organizing sport tournaments on its own facilities.

For many years KGHM has been also the main sponsor of the sport team, and from 2006 the company is the owner of 100 per cent of Zaglebie Lubin sport club’s shares. Matches played by Zagłębie attracts the audience of thousands of football fans who come not only to watch what happens but also support the team by participating actively in wonderful spectacle in the stand. The whole mining families, which are about 90 per cent of football fans, take part in this kind of performance. That’s why sponsoring of Zagłębie plays part of no small importance in enhancing the relations among employees, employers and region.

Logical consequence of many years’ involvement of Polish Copper in Zagłębie Lubin’s development is a decision taken about building a modern stadium. The facility that assures all high standards of played matches and at the same time it will be also in favour to widen football fans and people interested in sport.

- Previous stadium built in the 80’s was in bad technical conditions which posed a threat to loose a licence for playing matches since 2009. We wouldn’t let to do that, because we think about European Cup by building the brand of Zagłebie Lubin – says Herbert Wirth, the president of KGHM.

The contractors of stadium, PeBeKa-Hochtief consortium, need nearly 2 years to build one of the most modern stadiums in Poland and Europe placed on the old facility constructed in the 80’s. Architecture of the whole complex is a compilation of geometric solids interpenetrating and being coherent as a whole.

- Building the stadium from the bases was a huge venture. The numbers tell everything about the size of investment – explains Jacek Kulicki, the leader of constructing consortium and the president of PeBeKa. – We carried away nearly 190,000m3 of earth and concrete debris from old embankments’ demolition, we used 540 tons of reinforcing steel to make foundation and we put 5,700m3 of concrete, 865 tons of reinforcing steel were used to make prefabricated units and we put nearly 4,580m3 of concrete, and steel frame structure of canopy that’s nearly 520 tons of steelwork with tie rods.

The facility has got over 16,000 seats including: 500 for VIPs places, 200 seats for Super VIPs, 150 for media and 20 for disabled people. Special seats with tables were prepared for media representatives. There is a meeting hall, two television studios and a workroom at journalist and reporters’ disposal. Thanks to elevating stands for about 2m towards the turf the new facility provides an excellent visibility for the fans no matter which sector it is. 

Lighting of the stadium complies with the standards of high-definition television (HDTV) with required illumination of 2000lx. In total 196 spotlights will be in Dialog Arena stadium. A sound system will be equal in Portuguese stadium Estádio do Dragão that belongs to PC Porto Club. Acoustics of the facility brings about the cheers of the supporters that reflects out of the roof fall down on the turf and the audience, creating an impression on footballers running on the football pitch and supporters seating on the stands. The whole facility will be computerised. Near the modern early warning fire protection system and fire alarm there is access control system, smoke venting system, monitoring and building management system (BMS).

Total cost of this investment will be over 125 million zl.

- The stadium of KGHM Zagłebie Lubin is today the most modern football facility in Poland, because we outdistanced the stadiums in the cities of Euro 2012. I believe that the play level of our footballers and audience’s culture will be equal to the stadium class – says Jerzy Koziński, the president of copper club. - Dialog Arena Stadium together with a new building will be for the first-team footballer of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. and the footballers of the Young Ekstraklasa who finished the first place in former season.

The stadium can be seen alive already on Saturday, 14th August, during the match of 2nd fixture of winter round. Everybody is welcome!

Dialog Arena in numbers:

  • Seats numbers: 16,100 places including:
    • Standard seats: 15,230;
    • for VIPs: 500;
    • for super VIPs: 200;
    • press and television: 150;
    • for disabled: 20;
  • dimension of playing field: 105 x 68m;
  • height of the highest edge of the stand: 13.71m;
  • upper edge of lighting mast: 32.55m above ground level (a.g.l.);
  • upper post’s edge: 26.808m (a.g.l.);
  • upper edge of roof girder: 20.725m (a.g.l.);
  • amount of sanitary facilities: 13;
  • amount of first aid point: 6;
  • amount of axes: 52;
  • spacing between spaces: 10.10m;
  • amount of parking lots: 150;
  • amount of building’s storey: 3;
  • amount of spotlights: 196;
  • cubage: 209.311.72m2;
  • gross covered area: 10,736m2;
  • roof area: nearly 13,000m2;
  • floor space: 3,368.08m2.

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