PeBeKa is constructing a new shaft in Copper Basin

PeBeKa is constructing a new shaft in Copper Basin

Published 27 January 2010

In the 50th jubilee year of running the company, PeBeKa will construct another strategic investment for KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. The works connected with the thirty-first shaft sinking has already started in Copper Industrial Area. The site was delineated in Kwielice located near Grębocice.

Mine Construction Company PeBeKa is the main mining works constructor of GG-1 shaft. It is the next investment, after SW-4 shaft sinking, which allows from the surface to reach a deposit of copper ore placed in the area of Głogów Głeboki Przemysłowy. GG-1 will be about 1.3 kilometres deep and with a diameter of 7.5 metres. Firstly, it will be constructed as ventilation shaft, and then it will be enlarged on central air conditioning and fans station facilities. The latest investment of PeBeKa is being carried out next to Kwielice in Grębocice district in Polkowice County.

- We have already constructed 29 shafts, the thirtieth SW-4, is being sunk – says Jacek Kulicki, the president of PeBeKa - As we did before, while sinking GG-1, we will use a unique worldwide technique of shaft sinking with rock mass freezing. Probably, as it arises from preliminary hydrogeological recognition, the shaft will be with the deepest freezing zone. It is worth to say that the constructions of SW-4 shaft as well as GG-1 shaft are currently the biggest mining investments in Poland

This strategic investment will be conducted in stages, and the first workings on surface are already planned in March 2010. According to the plan a site grading, access roads for existing main roads, transformer stations, an office and amenity building, a chiller units station, a clarifier tank of rain and industrial water with pumping station, a headframe and other utilities are going to be done in the first phase of the project. A conceptual design of constructing and equipping the shaft were prepared by design studio Copper Project Centre “Cuprum – Project” (Centrum Projektowe Miedzi “Cuprum – Projekt”). Miners finishing the works in SW-4 shaft in Łagoszów Mały near Głogów will systematically move to GG-1 site.

The construction of SW-4 has been lasting since the year of 2005. On 25th January the shaft reached a depth of 590m.

PeBeKa is celebrating  50th anniversary of its business activity. In this special year the company plans to organize a scientific symposium, street exhibition and meetings with pioneers of Copper Basin. All the time PeBeKa has been continuing the construction of Copper Basin with essential infrastructure for its functioning.

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