Stadium works progress visible

Stadium works progress visible

Published 04 June 2009

Though the conclusion of works at the Lubin stadium is still months away, stage II effects are already visible – the club building works part has ended. The executed construction works do not interrupt games: during the entire spring round the players of Zagłębie Lubin have hosted matches on their own turf, successfully fighting their way back to top league.

The league games that started officially in the middle of March were a symbolic closure for stage I of construction. After nearly a year after the foundation works commenced, the Lubin prefect gave permit for structure use. Realization of stage II of stadium construction includes execution of part four of the tribunes together with the main building. Presently rough-state of the main building is executed in part of the lower floor under the tribunes. The HOCHTIEF – PeBeKa consortium has finished installation of toothed beams at the auditoriums as well as auditorium plates of the tribunes. Steel framework of the roof has also been completed.

The fourth tribune will hold 6000 seats, including 600 VIP seats, 100 super VIP seats and 32 seats for the disabled. Press and TV will be given the spacious conference room, one glass-walled press studio, two TV studios, 10 press tables at the tribune, 10 pulpits with 3 sitting places for TV and radio announcers as well as camera places.

Auditorium installation has turned out to be a considerable challenge, mainly due to the fact that the placed elements weighed up to 56 tons. According to the established technology, the installation was to take place with 1000 ton cranes from the external side of the structure. Inside the lawn is placed along with essential infrastructure, which makes any technical interventions impossible. Thus the technology was changed – first the steel roof framework was placed, and later the toothed beams and auditorium plates put down. This allowed for avoiding costs and vastly shortened the time of installation.

Ferroconcrete and masonry works are underway in the building itself, they aren’t, however, visible to the fans anymore. After the completion of rough state, chosen subcontractors will commence finishing and installation works. Planned date for stage II completion is the end of February 2010.

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