Saint Barbara’s Day Celebration in PeBeKa

Saint Barbara’s Day Celebration in PeBeKa

Published 20 November 2009

Traditional celebration of Barbara’s Day organized for former and present employees of Mining Construction Company PeBeKa S.A. was held today in the afternoon in the Centre of Culture “MUZA”.

Barbara’s Day celebration is part and parcel of mining ceremonial cultivated from the origins of PeBeKa. The summary of annual company’s activity and official thanks for a commitment and fruitful work for the company takes place during the ceremony. Also this year outstanding and retired workers of PeBeKa were given a number of awards for recognition of their long-standing and special accomplishments for mining.

- It is a pleasure to inform everybody that more than 20 our employees, who have been working in PeBeKa for many years, were decorated with national medals by the President of Poland – said Jacek Kulicki, the president of PeBeKa S.A. The gold awards were given to: Emilian Kleszczyński, Bronisław Lizak and Andrzej Piekielny. During this ceremonial three gold, eleven silver and three bronze medals were received from Zdzisław Średniawski, the vice-provincial governor of Lower Silesia.

9 people received honourable awards “Meritorious for Polish Mining” for recognition of special accomplishments in mining development given by Ministry of Economy. 4 persons were received medals “Meritorious for KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.”  given by KGHM Board, whereas forty-one persons were awarded with the title of “Meritorious for PeBeKa”.

The ceremony was also the occasion to confer honourable mining degrees. Based on government order on special privileges for mining workers 5 employees of PeBeKa were conferred the first degree mining engineer,
8 employees were awarded with second degree mining engineer and 11 employees.

The mining sword is the special grant for people of mining profession. The sword is the most valued, traditional honourable award given by Council of Ministers for 25 years’ model mining work. It is treated as a symbol of nobility gained not by birth but thanks to miner’s diligent work. 28 workers the most meritorious for Mining Construction Company PeBeKa S.A. had the honour of buckling the sword on.

Traditionally, mothers who brought up three sons working in mining were awarded, too.  10 women got a gift from the company. The special day was finished by the mining feast that took place in a sports hall of Mining Technical College at Skłodowska Street in Lubin.

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