Managers of PeBeKa company the winners of Directorial Relay Race on sunday Miner’s Day Running

Managers of PeBeKa company the winners of Directorial Relay Race on sunday Miner’s Day Running

Published 21 October 2009

On Sunday the 18th of October, for twenty fourth time, 266 amateurs ran through  Lubin streets in XXIV Mine’s Day Running organized by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Mining Division “Lubin”. As each year, PeBeKa team, represented by its employees, took part in the Running. Marathon was held as part of Miner’s Day, and competitors competed for Miner’s Lamp.

22 employees of PeBeKa took part in Sunday sport event. Mine foremans, miners and representatives of managerial staff  has been participating in the event for years. Even the President of PeBeKa Mr.Kulicki has also been taking part in the Race since many years.  PeBeKA was first on Directorial Relay Race. The line-up of PeBeKa team: Janusz Kuśnierz, Ryszard Lindmajer, Paweł Pawlik, Wojciech Chojnacki and Beata Kozak.

Ryszard Lindmajer, chief assembly foreman in PeBeKa ran for the first time. As he says, he was pleased to have this kind of opportunity, in spite of the bad weather in this year. – Did I run to win? Yes, I certainly did, because the rivalry for victory gives an adrenaline – says Lindmajer – But the most important thing for me is satisfaction that I am in good condition and I was given the chance to square up to the youngsters and even to win with them. Ryszard Lindmajer has been practising sport for many years, he plays basketball and swims every week, he also plays tennis.

Sunday event started at 11.00 o’clock. From OSIR in Lubin (Sport and Recreation Centre) the volunteer runners started the 10 kilometres running which is rated as the most important event in the country. Both men and women take part in this marathon, and the winners receive awards and medals, special cups and mugs.

Beside sports rivalry in a principle sport discipline, which is Miner’s Day Running, competitors also took part in many different events, such as: the 1 mile Mine Foreman Running,  the 4 x 400 metres Intercompany Relay Race and the 4 x 100 metres Directorial Relay Race, in which PeBeKa won a gold medal. All of them took place in Sport and Recreation Center in Lubin – OSIR. Another important success of PeBeKa company during Sunday competition was the first place of Lisowski family, who took part in Open Families marathon category. Tadeusz Lisowski together with his two sons and a nephew received gold medals for taking part in the running as the most numerous family.

Despite the fact that the event took place in the second part of October, when the temperatures fall into zero, several hundred volunteer runners gather to take part in many different competitions of this running event. Not only competitors, but also fans, who wasn’t affraid of the autumn rainy weather, showed great interest in this year event.

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