Longest of PeBeKa’s foreign contracts complete

Longest of PeBeKa’s foreign contracts complete

Published 03 July 2009

In the last days of June 2009 PeBeKa has completed realization of the five year foreign contract, the longest in its history to date.

Works started in November 2004. The client was the state owner of German coal mines – Deutsche Steinkohle AG. Employees of PeBeKa have dug a 3,818 m gallery combining two peripheral shafts of the “Auguste Victoria” mine in Marl near Gelsenkirchen, using blast methods.

Because the gallery led through a geologically unexplored area of the mine, unforeseen tectonic difficulties were encountered, which caused problems and slowed down drilling. Specialized knowledge of the Polish miners, as well as the supervision’s, let the workers swiftly overcome the obstacles. Due to the drilled gallery’s role as a ventilation tunnel for a later exploitation field and main transport between the shafts, its was at least 30 m2 and reaching even 50 m2 on junctions and chambers.

After executing the working, the official gallery reception was conducted by mine director in the presence of all mine services representatives. PeBeKa has been greatly praised for the quality of its work, the efficiency and accident-free realization.

PeBeKa has been present on the German market for almost 30 years now. In the years 1980-2000 it worked in their mines as a subcontractor. High quality of services and the professionalism of Polish workers tipped the scale in favor of contracting PeBeKa as main executor of subsequent, individual contracts at the Ruhra and Saara industrial areas. The task consisted of preliminary works, deposit splitting, ventilation shaft drilling and construction of underground coal storages. As part of the contract tunnels were drilled for the “Auguste Victoria”, “Walsum” and “Ensdorf” mines, total length of 8,000 meters. The works also included two retention cistern in the Auguste Victoria 8.6 m in diameter and 22 meters deep and in the West 9 meters in diameter and 53 meters deep.

Works were realized by a group of PeBeKa S.A. employees counting 36 to 120 people, operating modern and complicated German-produced machines including: self-propelled hydraulic platforms for producing support casing of workings. Core of the crew consisted of leading PeBeKa employees, who worked at this contract beginning to the end. After working 23 days they returned home for a few days of rest. A necessary condition for working in German mines was knowledge capabilities at least on a communicative level.

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