Ladies’ Night in the rhythm of disco

Ladies’ Night in the rhythm of disco

Published 16 November 2009

Each year Barbara’s Day celebration started with unofficial meetings. Last Saturday employees of PeBeKa inaugurated annual celebrations their patron’s day with good mood. The male part of the crew enjoyed the Beer Hall and fair sex had fun at traditional Ladies Nights’. It was the chance to spend time together outside the company, keeping loose and nice atmosphere.

Miners and male staff, employed in PeBeKa, took part in Beer Hall. The subject of this year’s beer hall was humorous comparison of tradition and modernity in every day mining works and showing a contrary superiority over ancient history (old days) and methods used in the past. Former achievements and work effects were praised, faults were omitted. The organizers wanted to remind everybody that they did not create the world anew but they are only the continuator of predecessors acting in modern way.

At this same time women staffs from PeBeKa were celebrating in good mood, too. Each time the events are held in different setting and watchword. Last year the women enjoyed the party in western style. Cowboy’s women from PeBeKa in real saloon were competing with each other in different competition, such as: firing water guns at candles or prospecting for grains of gold. 

-This year’s Ladies Nights’ were held in the rhythm of great 70s disco hits – says Agnieszka Kubica-Radek, the manager of communications and organization department in PeBeKa – it’s the subject based on well-known movie “Saturday Night Fever”. We have chosen the style of 70s, because it is the disco period of the music bands such as: ABBA or Bee Gees, time of colourful dresses and rhythmically music. Saying in one word – the symbol of splendid and crazy time; and that’s why we were enjoying Ladies Nights’ this way.

Ladies Night was held in “Sunny Club” – a night club in Legnica. A swinging party lasted from 5.00 p.m. late into the night. It started from initiation ceremony of short-serving employees of Sebeka who were taken in this year. Music and tasting tasks (such as grapefruit and lemon juice) were prepared specially for them, and after a ceremonial pledge had been made the short-serving employees received certifications and were officially accepted to the circle of company women.

Professional DJ took care of great music and the women were dancing like a real Dancing Queen on the dance floor lit by colourful lights and flashes from crystal balls. There were lots of common singing and funny contests, for instance: “Rise Run” and a competition entitled “Got Talent”. Everybody was creased up with a humorous company-life story entitled “Rumour”. Participants of Ladies Nights came to the party stylishly dressed up in colourful flares and stylish blouse with big collars. Seizing the opportunity Polish Fashion show of the 70s’ was pronounced and the contest for the most knockout “PeBeKa model”. There was fantastic atmosphere on the dancing floor and all women were enjoying it very much.

Now the employees of PeBeKa are going to celebrate Saint Barbara’s Day in official way. At this same time the celebration and the meeting with employees celebrating jubilee anniversary will be held in spectacular hall in the Centre of Culture “MUZA” in Lubin on Friday 20th November.

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