Christmas cards of kindliness

Christmas cards of kindliness

Published 03 November 2009

Held by PeBeKa the third edition of contest for the most beautiful Christmas card has been finished. The pupils of Special Needs School (Zespół Szkół Specalnych) from Lubin as usual were invited to enter the contest. Bussiness or private Christmas wishes can be sent on professionally-printed winning card. 

The “kindliness cards” compaign gathers momentum. This year a charity sale and money collection for Special Needs School will end on 27th November. The event will take place in Cuprum Arena Shopping Centre.

Every pupil of Special Needs School from Lubin could participate in the art competition announced by PeBeKa. The deadline for applications was set on 30th October. The most beautiful cards were chosen on 3rd November. The winner of the contest is a second-form pupil – 9 years old Marcel Sarafin. 11 young artists were awarded and won prizes. The third edition enjoyed great popularity, organizers got over a hundred art works. 

PeBeKa consistently supports Special Needs School, both as part of volunteer work, and other undertakings. The constest is the way of multifaceted help for school. Firstly, it activates children to be creative in art and helps them to belive that they have got multiple talents appreciated not only by their teachers. The main prize is of course a printout of the most beautiful card and the edition will be bigger tha last year – 6,000 items. The pupils have possibility to win attractive prizes, such as rucksacks or school equipements. Secondly – this compaign is a financial way to support school – money from sold cards will be alloted to equip classrooms for vocational subjects. 

- Vocational subjects, such as the art of cooking is difficult to learn without any equipment – says Jacek Kulicki the President of PeBeKa – thanks to large-scale money collection, the school will have a chance to buy essential equipment and children will be given equal opportunity for better education. 
I am glad, especially as we got new partners this year’s compaign. Cuprum Arena, one of the biggest shopping centre in Lubin, and Lubin Reginal Television were involved to hold this charity event – he emphasized.

PeBeKa already today invites all people of goodwill to Cuprum Arena. On special stand on 27th November in the afternoon everybody will be able to buy a winning Christmas Card and support school this way. As a part of school’s help there will be also money collection, art exhibition and children artistic performance.

PeBeKa also invites all interested firms and institutions to take part in “Christmas cards of kindliness”compaign. Buying a special christmas card and sending them to the Clients, for sure it could be the way to make their contribution to educational development for children from Special Needs School. Cuprum Arena has already confirmed its support for the campaign donating 3,000 zloty for Special Needs School from Lubin. 

 - The whole money collected during our camaign will be alloted to equip classrooms of domestic appliances and practical apprenticeship with the equipment complying with standards determined by National Centre For Supporting Vocational and Continuing Education (NCFSVCE) – says president Kulicki.

Special Needs School at Składowa Street 3 in Lubin is one of educational institutions where the intellectual disabled children and youth can learn. Despite of obligatory educational classes all pupils are provided with supportive classes, which can help to improve disturbed psychophysical functions, compensate and correct deviations and if is possible to eliminate causes or symptoms of disturbances prevented pupils from normal development and learning. The School gives disabled children and youth a chance for rehabilitation paying special attention to both vocational and social ones. At the moment 172 pupils are learning at Special Needs School in Lubin. 

The list of awarded pupils:
Wiktoria Hopej – 8 years old
Gabriela Sawicka – 7 years old
Wioletta Łuc – 19 years old
Bartłowmiej Karsznia – 13 years old
Sara Serek – 10 years old
Radosław Korbel – 21 years old
Damian Snopkiewicz – 10 years old
Łukasz Jankowski – 23 years old
Wiktor Tkaczyk – 6 years old
Edward Kowalewski – 20 years old
Damian Kuśnierczyk – 15 years old

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