A contract for constructing a railway siding was signed

A contract for constructing a railway siding was signed

Published 28 October 2009

On 27th October 2009 in Warsaw a contract between PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A ( PKP Polish Railways Line S.A. ) and a consortium, consists of one of its member PeBeKa, was signed. The contract includes railway siding construction to “Okęcie” International Airport and also rebuilding railway line connecting “Okęcie” International Airport with centre of Warsaw.

Thanks to this investment the travellers will be able to travel by train within 20 minutes from “Śródmieście” Station, located in the centre of Warsaw, to PKP station located under “Okęcie” Airport. The tunnel linked “Służewiec” station with Air Terminal No.2 will be 2 thousand meters long. The Value of the whole project amounts to nearly 234 millions zloty.

The main contractor is a consortium of construction companies consisting of: Bilfinger Berger Building Industry S.A. (as a leader) and partners: Mine Construction Company PeBeKa S.A., Zakłady Usług Energetycznych i Komunikacyjnych ZUE S.A., Przedsiębiorstwo Napraw
i Utrzymania Infrastruktury Kolejowej Sp. z o.o. and Kolejowe Zakłady Automatyki Katowice S.A.

The scope of works of PeBeKa includes executing of some structural works connected with tunnel and access ramp construction, and also auxuliary rail facility, such as: a substation and a signal box. Estimated time for doing these works is about 10-12 months. The whole investment should be finished in the middle of 2011.

PeBeKa specializes in  huge construction projects coming into existence right in the middle of urbanized area. The company has also got huge experience in these kind of works. In 2006 and 2007 the company from Lubin, as a member of consortium, took part in constructing Mogilskie roundabout in Krakow. In 2008 PeBeKa finished the construction of Młociny transportation hub finalizing the works at the first Warsaw section. PeBeKa also built the Politechnika station, the passageway under Bank Square and aslo participated in the realization of Centrum and Racławicka stations.

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