1 percent - a great deal

1 percent - a great deal

Published 28 September 2009

Over 200 thousand zlotys entered the bank account of the Palium society in Lubin as part of the 1 % of taxes given by taxpayers to public service organizations. The PeBeKa S.A. Mine Building Company has conducted and informational campaign among its workers to tell them about this possibility to support the hospice. 

The Palium association was indicated in the yearly tax declaration for 2008 by 2400 persons. It is 1000 more taxpayers that last year. 190 thousand zlotys were given to the hospice by citizens of Lubin. The rest of the input came from individual living in other towns.

- We are glad of every donation and involvement of donors – says Zbigniew Warczewski, association president. – All the money will be allocated to the needs of the Lubin hospice, as the project of its expansion is just commencing.

The hospice in Lubin is a unique facility. It was funded completely thanks to the goodwill and donations form town citizens as well as the support of local firms. Preparations for its opening took 10 years, but president Warczewski hopes that the enlargement will take three years. Investment cost will be around 1 million zlotys. After expansion the number of places will increase two times: from 12 to 24. The money will also be used to extend the hospice’s scope of services. The facility today runs the stationary hospice, but also a home hospice giving care for around 600 patients. All the while Palium receives requests from more and more persons in need of support and care.

Former employees of PeBeKa S.A. Mine Building Company have, together with many volunteers, engaged in the information campaign on the possibility to donate 1 % of tax for the Lubin hospice. Information on the Palium association appeared regularly in the 1600-employee company bulletin. PeBeKa has also distributed flyers with the association’s KRS number.

- In the next year we also plan to launch an informational campaign so as to convince as many people as possible to donate 1 % of their tax for the hospice – says Agnieszka Kubica-Radek, chief of PeBeKa’s Communication and Organization Department.

The Palium association’s cooperation with PeBeKa S.A. is no coincidence. Zbigniew Warczewski is a retired employee. PeBeKa was awarded the “Hospice-supporting firm” title. These distinctions were given at the gala concluding the “Hospice is Life too” campaign.

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