Modern football stadium construction underway in Lubin

Modern football stadium construction underway in Lubin

Published 25 August 2008

Exactly a year ago the Zagłębie Lubin Sports Association signed an agreement with PeBeKa S.A. Mine Building Company to build a stadium in Lubin, and soon, on September 20th, lawn placement will commence. The grass is grown in… Bavaria. 

Transporting the grass from Germany will take several hours, an the transport column will consist of several refrigerated TIRs. Rolled squares of lawn will be laid out on the playing field. During the winter a special system will let them keep good temperature and moisture, so that in the spring it can properly take root. But laying 8 thousand square meters of lawn is not the end of stadium construction works, merely one of the elements. If everything goes according to schedule, in the spring of 2010 the citizens of Lubin will be able to enjoy a new, entirely covered and meeting all PZPN and UEFA regulations, three-star stadium.

Demolish, extend
The general contractor at the new football stadium is a consortium of construction companies: PeBeKa S.A. Mine Building Company, Hochtief Polska LTD., and Hochtief Construction AG Sport Facilities. 
The new stadium is being erected in place of a preexisting 80 years old structure. The demolition of its elements was completed in the end of last year: first the chairs were torn down, then part of the mound was dug out (50 thousand cubic meters of earth were removed, part of which will be used in construction, the rest in reclamation of a waste facility) and construction elements were destroyed.
In March foundation works started for the new, fourteen-meter high tribunes on the east, north and south sides; now the installation of a new steel roof construction is underway, that will be held up with 52 posts. Every one of them weighs 24 tons!

The stadium construction is, in its entirety, an enormous logistic endeavor, that, apart from the main consortium, involves many subcontractors. PeBeKa S.A. executes many specialist tasks: foundations (6.5 thousand cubic meters of ferroconcrete will be used to build them) and waterworks, sanitation, drainage, etc. Presently 40 workers from PeBeKa are employed at stadium construction, they are working two shifts.

First stage of this enormous investment will be complete in February 2009, so that the Lubin team can start the spring round on the new, partly modernized facility.
- Before the commencing of the spring games round, the stadium will need to be adapted to meet all regulations for mass event organization, the UEFA and PZPN standards as well as for it to acquire a use permit – says Jacek Kazimierczyk, deputy general construction engineer at PeBeKa S.A., acting trade director of stadium project in the consortium.

Second construction stage includes finishing works on the western side of the stadium, as well as the erection of a new club building, which will house, among other things, the changing rooms, team rooms, showers and toilets, biological rejuvenation facilities, the VIP area, offices, catering, as well as press and TV centers. The entire structure will be accessible for the disabled.

Just like FC Porto
16,000 fans will be able to sit at the tribunes, 700 of these places will be reserved for VIPs, and nearly 200 for special guests. They will find themselves sitting on comfortable upholstered chairs.
There will be no fence between the first rows and the playing field. The distance between the first rows and the grass will be only 1.5 meters. Fans at farther places will be able to see the field struggles better on two modern LED-screens. 150 spotlights (2,000 lx in power) will illuminate the stadium.

- This will be one of the most modern stadiums in Poland. Stadium illumination will fulfill the HDTV television norms, the required light intensity of 2000 lx (as the second stadium in Poland). Together with the client we make every effort to make the safety measures, access controls, CCTV television (IP system) and the sound system as good as their counterparts at the FC Porto stadium in Portugal. The entire European continent does not hold as many structures with this high a standard – explains Jacek Kazimierczyk.

The project should be concluded in February 2010 and is predicted to cost roughly 100 million zlotys. The Zagłębie Lubin stadium will meet the highest Class 3 UEFA requirements. Thus, international games will be allowed to play here. It is considered for use during EURO 2012.

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