Breaking of mine workings

Breaking of mine workings

Published 07 August 2008

On Wednesday August 6th PeBeKa has finished another stage of works concerning the linkage between workings in Polkowice-Sieroszowice and Rudna mines. These works are essential to gaining access to Deep Industrial Głogów – a new mining area.
Combining the workings of the mine facilities in Polkowice-Sieroszowice and Rudna consists of linking sections of shaft SW-1 on one side and shaft R-IX on the other (built for the Rudna mine, shaft R XI was, at the time of its construction, the deepest structure in Europe). PeBeKa S.A. has executed almost all workings in this range, and the beginnings of their drilling date back, in the case of shaft SW-1, to the end of the XXth century ‘90s. These were executed in several stages, and the latest drilling works commenced June 2007 from break-through no. 7. From the side of Rudna they started in 2007.

In the current stage, concluded August 6th, PeBeKa has broken working D-4 on the height of break-through 35. During the following two months, works aiming to connect sections D-1 to D-3, will be concluded.

All mentioned activities are part of the works essential to uncovering a new mining zone, the Deep Industrial Głogów, mainly for transport and ventilation. After breaking the workings it will be possible to supply fresh air from the SW-1 shaft’s side in Rudna, the inhaling ventilation shaft GG-1 all the way to the T and W-145galleries as well as the ramp connections E-1 to E-4. Thus KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. will gain access to successive ore deposits. PeBeKa has almost half a century of experiences in realizing mining works – to date the firm from Lubin has executed as much as 650 kilometers of underground tunnels.

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