The drill of the latest generation

The drill of the latest generation

Published 19 April 2010

T3-K drill made by Deilmann-Haniel Company belongs to the new generation of these kinds of devices. Since June it is going to be used in SW-4 shaft. At the moment the machine, weighing 5.5 tons, is on the mine surface and soon the service training will be organized.

It's the first implementation of the modern device in PeBeKa. Introducing the new shaft drill T3-K makes significant progress in shaft sinking technology in Poland. Its applying is going to reduce a half amount of workers who are directly involved in drilling works. A work comfort of the crew will be absolutely improved. T3-K machine will be used for mechanical blasthole drilling below ground freezing zone. What was manually done by the workers with huge amount of force work now will be done by the machine. T3-K will eliminate the hazard of vibration disease, too.

In June the drill will be moved down SW-4 shaft with drawing machine. The task will not be simple, because the device weights 5.5 tons and its transport diameter equals 1,725 mm. Setting the drawing machine in the shaft will be done with use of central sprag's mandrel and three, pneumatically lifted up and spragged by manual drawing machine, telescopic horizontal struts. The activities will be done from the basket located in the upper part of machine.

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