PeBeKa in ”Polityka” weekly ranking

PeBeKa in ”Polityka” weekly ranking

Published 05 May 2010

Construction Company PeBeKa S.A. has appeared on a 500 list by "Polityka" weekly as one of the biggest companies in Poland in 2009. The company from Lubin took the 463rd place in the ranking.

Thereby PeBeKa is the first in forty of the Law Silesia industrial giants and among the three biggest companies from Lubin. In construction industry PeBeKa took the 53rd place and the first of the three biggest building companies in the Law Silesia region.

The company earned the revenues from sale on the level of 314,156.00 zloty.

The results were achieved because of the contracts in the scope of mining and metropolitan construction. In 2009 the employees of PeBeKa S.A. completed 27km of underground cross-cuts and 420m of SW-4 shaft that will allow to extract new ore bodies in the Copper Basin. In Lubin PeBeKa were conducted works at constructing supermodern football stadium of Zaglebie Lubin. Last year the long-lasting works on Warsaw underground market were finished as well as the reconstruction works in Salt Mine "Wieliczka" and the longest foreign contract of the company from Lubin - mining works in Germany.

In October the Company signed the contract with PKP Polish Railway Lines S.A. for constructing the rail connection to "Okęcie" Airport and upgrading of the railway line connecting "Okęcie" the International Airport with Warsaw Centre.

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