Jubilee year is going to be celebrated

Jubilee year is going to be celebrated

Published 05 January 2010

PeBeKa will celebrate 50th anniversary in 2010. The first publications of half a century PeBeKa’s history will already come out in January.  A series of recollections will appear in internal company’s documents  described by retired and long standing employees, who tell about the most important experiences, such as: works at the first shafts sinking of Copper Industrial Area, reaching the copper ore and works done by PeBeKa around the world.

Scientific symposium that will sum-up experiences to date of PeBeKa in the scope of mining and metropolitan construction is planed to be in April. The conference will take place on 22nd April in J. Wyżykowski meeting hall in registered office of the Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.  During the symposium occasional statuettes and jubilee medals will be given to the pioneers constructing the Copper Industrial Area and standing out employees. A street exhibition is also planed to be in Lubin in order to remind residents of the greatest historical achievements of PeBeKa. The company is also preparing a series of meeting with old-age pensioners and former employees. 

The beginning of PeBeKa is inextricably linked with discovery of copper ore in Lubin and Sieroszowice area and starting to construct Copper Industrial Area, one of the biggest industrial undertakings in Europe. 27th April 1960 the Minister of Heavy Industrial formed Mine Construction Company of Copper Ore (PBKRM) with its registered office in Lubin. The company was formed as the main mining works constructor in the Legnica-Głogów Copper Area. PBKRM immediately started to do the mining works. On 19th November 1960 the first hoppit was already won from pilot L-III shaft (later named in honour of professor Sztukowski – Boleslaw) of “Lubin” mine. 

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