Pebeka’s crew has transported a big hard rock miner in Lubin mine

Pebeka’s crew has transported a big hard rock miner in Lubin mine

Published 02 December 2009

Only two days PeBeKa’s crew needed to transport weighing nearly 80t machine used for mechanical rock mass mining. The Sandvik hard rock miner MH620 designed for rapid roadway development to cut hard and abrasive rock used in suitable conditions had to be transported for 8 kilometres form southern to northern area of Lubin mine. 

Sandvik company does not have technology for carrying out this kind of operation, because this machine is a prototype used in LGOM mines. The transfer of the hard rock miner for such a long way was a pioneering feat in exploitation history of such a machine in mining engineering, because this big machine is driven with electric energy of 1000V. Therefore several power stations should have been installed for supplying the hard rock miner to enable the operation of self-transfer on the route. Besides that covering such a way using electric power and complying with all operating rules and technical conditions would take several weeks.

Mechanics from PeBeKa used original idea of hybrid drive using a classical wheeled loader LKP-0805 which is the most popular machine in KGHM produced by DFM Zanam-Legmet company. The transfer of such a huge machine was done by PeBeKa’s mechanics of Lubin area under a chief foreman’s command Jerzy Zagrodnik and a mine foreman Józef Bober. The whole undertaking was supervised by a chief foreman Marek Czechowski who acted on behalf of Lubin mine. Weighing 80t machine, driven by a loader weighing about 16t, was moved efficiently through the regular road riding of mining machines. The whole transfer took 23 hours and it ended successfully. Hard rock miner was moved with mean velocity of 300 metres per hour.

Soon this machine will start to drive mining excavations in a new place.  

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