Commencing of receptions

Commencing of receptions

Published 01 September 2008

In accordance with the declarations of PeBeKa Company S.A., the executor of metro track tunnel B23, station A23 and the transport junction Młociny, it has given this investment for opening. On September 3 the reception commission employed by the Warsaw Metro LTD. has started its works.

It is a giant investment including a two-track underground tunnel, almost 700 meters long, a metro station and a very large transport junction enabling efficient communication between the metro and tram lines, bus lines as well as private vehicles (700-spot parking included). This construction called for additional realizations. Sidetracks stand in the area of Warsaw Foundry. Thus PeBeKa had to build a new driveway into the Foundry with a customs building. This part of the investment was already accepted by the client and submitted for public receptions.

Reception of the tunnel, station and Młociny junction lasted all September. The procedure was so long due to the project’s size, structural complication of the metro station and the need to meet security regulations. Receptions extend to all aspects, including: construction, ventilation, sanitation, electricity, every tele-technical system, toll system (gates), elevators, escalators, gas fire extinguishing in chosen rooms, tracks, train disposition, station equipment controls from the traffic officer’s room and the Ist line Central Dispatching to STP Kabaty. Track pump room, tunnel sealing and the tap-chute-device were already received.

After all receptions are concluded the Warsaw Metro will begin the use permit acquisition procedure.

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